Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in France

Bon soir,

Christmas has passed for another year. My first one away from home. I give myself a grand ol' pat on the back for remaining connected to then and there as opposed to become a sulk case from reminising.

The family and I went to the grandparents for the holidays, attending church on christmas eve and spending christmas day at the table (literally the entire day. Lunch went from 11am-6pm, then there was bfast and dinner). There was plenty of champagne, wine and an over abundance of food that I am still feeling it even now.

It was strange to be experiencing this family holiday with a family not of my own. To continue the holidays up to New Years without seeing my friends. It's just weird. I can't say this was my favorite christmas ever because the traditions (except for one) people and music were all missing, but it was certainly interesting.

That is all I will say about that.

Today, the 26th, the parents took the kids and I on a 1.5 hour drive for a surprise. Actually this was the best part of the three day span. We went to the "probably biggest castle in europe" as my english guide book said. Probably? Afterwards we drove a little bit and suddently everybody says "we're in Belgium!" So hoorah! A new country can be crossed off my list. The closeness of countries here still blows my mind.. I spent the afternoon in Belgium. How often can you say that? We also ate at a lovely restaurant, everybody endulged in crepes for dessert and that instant felt incredibly french. A 3 hour hike in nature concluded our time in this new country, which I believe is to blame for giving me such a great impression of it and a very homey feeling.


Ta ta

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