Monday, January 4, 2010

Endure, Finish, And Repeat.

Oh god, how easily I had forgotten the morning drag of waking myself up at 6:45. The drowsy breakfast, struggling to shut the non-functioning car door, the drive up to lycee.

The reality of my 2 weeks vacation ending hit me while I was sitting in geography today. It felt a lot like I was reliving a memory. That I shouldn't be there, that I had finished with this school experience and it was all in the past. Unfortunately that is not the case, and I have to resettle myself into this hell of a routine.

Back to my 7,8,9,10 hour days. Back to sitting in classrooms where authority rules and I am spoken to as if I am less. Back to tryinging to entertain myself as I sit through classes I don't care for, not even with a tiny fraction of my heart or mind. Back to enduring time.

I can honestly say if I had known what school was like here, I would have chosen another country.

Good luck, make it through january without cracking. At least I can say I now know the value of a day.

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